Vision:     Canadians value and support the essential relationship between health research and the well being of society.

Mission:   CHR is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to engaging Canadian adults and youth in understanding health research issues, scientific processes and their impact, through education and advocacy.

Core Principles:

  • The primacy of human health.
  • A respect for animals: encouraging the development and use of reliable non-animal methods while advocating for the humane and responsible use of laboratory animals where no viable alternative exists.
  • A commitment to effective dialogue among all stakeholders in the health research enterprise.


  • To develop, support and deliver timely and effective education and communication programs.
  • To be a leading agency of reliable public information on matters related to health research.
  • To be recognized as an effective advocate for informed discussion about issues relating to health research.
  • To obtain adequate resources to ensure that CHR can fulfill its mission.

What Does CHR Do?

  • profiles Canadian scientists and identifies their contributions to improving our health;
  • reports on public expenditures for health research projects;
  • creates a forum where mutual problems, concerns and interests can be discussed by the public, the voluntary health agencies, the scientific/medical community and government;
  • provides information about science policy in Canada;
  • emphasizes the impact of basic, clinical and community health research on Canadian health care;
  • encourages adequate, long-term funding for research in general and health research in particular in our country.