Publications available to the public

  • 30 years of Health Research: To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Canadians for Health Research, the Board of Directors published a series of monographs that reports on 30 years of progress in scientific research that is vital to the health of Canadians.
  • A True Story: All the facts you need to know about animals and biomedical research. A four-colour illustrated monograph that provides a matter-of-fact presentation on animals and medical research.
  • Importance of Animals in Research: A 7-part series on the contribution of various animal models to medical progress reproduced with the permission of the Foundation for Biomedical Research.
  • Road to Discovery: Published in 1994 with the Medical Research Council of Canada (which became the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in 2000) to promote student awareness of research in health-care delivery and stimulate their interest in science as a career choice. Copies are no longer available.
  • Salute to Excellence: Ask the average Canadian to name a few scientists who have made a major contribution to the advancement of medical science and the never-ending battle against disease. He or she will pause, ponder and then maybe, just maybe confidently replay: “Sir Frederick Banting”.
    And with rare exception, the list will end there. Most Canadians are simply unaware of the glowing achievements by Canadian medical researchers which, in the 20th century, have helped alleviate suffering by control or cure of diseases. Unfortunately their accomplishments, which have had a profound impact in improving health and prolonging life both in Canada and internationally, are not to be found in one neat book on a library shelf; you have to search to find them.
    CANADIANS FOR HEALTH RESEARCH conducted this search in 1992 with the help of others in the scientific community. It was by no means a definitive glossary of “who did what” in Canada. Rather, it was a modest attempt at providing a thumbnail sketch of some of the achievements of Canadian medical research during this century. It is our “salute to excellence”. We are pleased to share some excerpts from that publication.

Publications available by subscription

  • Future Health: a unique, 24-page quarterly magazine, devoted to highlighting Canadian health research: features include latest discoveries and milestones, researcher achievements and introspective articles translating how research innovations may change our every day lives. Annual subscription: $25/year ($15/year for schools & libraries). 
  • The Diary: A twelve-page quarterly newsletter that monitors animal related issues nationally and internationally with a particular emphasis on the activities of the animal “rights” movement as they relate to the care and use of experimental animals. Available by subscription: $250 annually. 


  • CHR 25th anniversary T-shirt: Of high quality cotton, the shirts are black with white lettering: the CHR/CRM logo encircled by the phrase 'Science in service of health/La science en service de la santé' in the right-hand corner. Cost: $10 each (includes postage & handling; taxes not applicable).